Why you should send your employees to JOTB

You want to attend J On The Beach but you are in doubt. Your boss is not the most empathetic person in the world, but at the same time, attending could be a boost for your technical skills. How do you convince your boss?

We want to give you some ammunition for the battle that is just about going to start. Below you can find a template letter, and on top of that, here are 5 reasons that you can use when discussing the topic (which you’ll probably will):

1. Industry experts will share new trends and how-tos.

This will mean that you can learn and apply those technologies in your projects, taking leverage to achieve higher performance and lower costs.

2. Get to know the experts.

Besides making any question you have, you can always go and say “Hi” to speakers.

3. Not just the theory, learn by doing.

When you attend workshops to acquire practical skills, you are instantly translating the value from the conference to your own projects.

4. Networking

A conference’s a place to meet people. You have to be in “open mode” to start a conversation with other attendees because that’s where the gold is. “I did that and it didn’t work”. Wish I had known earlier.

5. Have fun!

OK, you may hide this one from your boss... But J On The Beach is a conf to hang out with colleagues, share stories and enjoy the beach...while learning!


Here you have a template letter to use for your manager!